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If you have an umbrella or storm umbrella from The Little Green Bag, you'll never be taken off balance by a rain shower again! Certainly not in the wake of a major storm. In our range, we have a good number of umbrellas. They're very light, as well as collapsible and retractable. They're handy because they go in your wallet! 

The Little Green Bag has it all, whether you like a typical Senz color or a complicated DOIY motif.

The DOIY umbrellas are not only elegant and practical, but also a lot of fun to look at, thanks to their small size. Thanks to the funny prints, you'll be able to brave the storm in style. These umbrellas, on the other hand, are a one-of-a-kind treat!

The Senz umbrellas are both storm-resistant and foldable. This allows you to easily carry the umbrella in your pocket and have it available at all times. The umbrella is made of a UPF50 + fabric that protects against UV rays. Because of the sturdy material and specially designed form of the cloth, you can easily survive any rain shower.

In addition, the Automatic Umbrella is lightweight and does not tip over. With a press of a button, the Senz umbrella opens, and you're ready to face the storm.

You'll be fully dry at The Little Green Bag! In addition to the coolest and most convenient umbrellas, we sell the most stunning rain boots and raincoats!

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