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Rain covers

Rain covers

Rain covers

The only shelter from rain you can have is a rain cover over your backpack. A rain cover will keep your belongings dry and undamaged. A rain cover is not only useful for a rainy bike ride, but also for travel protection. The rain cover keeps water out of your backpack. The rain covers have a small pocket in which they can be placed. When you don't need it, you can store the rain cover here. The rain covers come with a convenient cord that you can tie around your bag to keep it safe. To make your bag stand out, pick a special or bright hue.

Little Green Bag sells a variety of backpacks in a variety of sizes. Just a few examples include daypacks, laptop backpacks, hiking backpacks, and anti-theft backpacks. Many people wear them on a daily basis. Rain covers eliminate this worry entirely, ensuring that your backpack and its contents stay safe. For a long time, this will keep your dream backpack looking brand new. To protect your beloved pack, use a rain cover from our collection!

Rain covers by Fjällräven

Fjällräven rain covers are designed to keep a Fjällräven backpack with a capacity of 16 to 28 litres dry. During a storm, the rain cover is kept in place by an elastic cord. Because of the side handlebars on the shell, the backpack can also be carried easily. The cover is lightweight enough to be held in a small backpack. This way, you won't need any more space to store your rain cover. Because of the bright colour, you will stand out more in traffic. Do you prefer a smoother colour? That is also possible! This is how you'll match the hue to your Fjällräven backpack.

Rain covers by XD Design

The XD Design rain covers keep your XD Design backpack safe from the elements. The cover is foldable and lightweight, making it easy to transport. In the event of a storm or while traveling, the cover will keep your backpack dry. Your belongings will stay dry and undamaged. A water-resistant fabric is used for the shell. Your XD Concept backpack would be more stable with this stuff. The XD Design backpack covers are available in a range of beautiful simple colors to match your XD Design backpack.

Order your rain cover online

Have you discovered a comfortable rain poncho? You'll always be able to select one that suits your preferences. You can quickly order your stuff online. In just a few clicks, you'll be the proud owner of your new acquisition. We'll get started on your order as soon as we can.