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Fabienne Chapot bags

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Fabienne Chapot bags

Bright, colourful and stylish are the first words you think of when you see the Fabienne Chapot bags. Fabienne Chapot is a well-known lifestyle brand from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. As the name suggests, the brain behind this operation is Fabienne Chapot. Back in 2006, Fabienne started her own handbag line called Fab. The playful, cheerful Fab grew up in 2016. The brand changed its name from Fab to Fabienne Chapot. Not only did the name change, the brand added clothes, shoes, tableware and textiles to their collections.

The bag collection by Fabienne Chapot

The bags by Fabienne Chapot are true eyecatchers. A Fabienne Chapot bag will add that feminine touch to you daily look. All bags are made with great detail and by hand in Bali, Portugal and Morocco. From luxurious leather designs tob right and cheerful prints, the collection by Fabienne Chapot has it all. The bag collections has a vast variety of handbags, clutches, and diaper bags.

Order your Fabienne Chapot bag online

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