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Matt & Nat bags

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Matt & Nat bags

The bags by Matt & Nat are alll vegan products. The brand’s name actually means Mat(t)erial & Nature and they do not use any animal product to create their amazing bags. The brand is also very environmentally conscious. The brand made was started in 1995 and even then did they focus on not using any animal product to create their leather bags. The lining and inside of the bags are even made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. The perfect bag to show your support for a better environment.

The bag collection by Matt & Nat

The bags by Matt & Nat are honest, vegan and stylish. Sustainability is now more important than ever in the fashion industry. Matt & Nat have an amazing bag to fit every occasion. Whether you are heading to work with your Gloria Dwell Satchel bag, or out to dinner with your Kate Mini Vintage bag, or are going out with friends and your Tipei Dwell Crossbody bag, Matt & Nat has a bag for every outfit!

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Did you find the perfect vegan Matt & Nat bag to accompany you on a daily basis? Order it easily and securely on our website. We will process your order as soon as possible to ensure you can enjoy your bag quickly! You will not want to go out without your favourite Matt & Nat bag!

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