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Pauls Boutique
Pauls Boutique

Filipa Walbrook

€ 26,00 € 65,00 -60%

Pauls Boutique
Pauls Boutique

Aubrey Dorncliffe

€ 32,00 € 80,00 -60%

Pauls Boutique
Pauls Boutique

Vivienne Middlesex

€ 28,00 € 70,00 -60%

Pauls Boutique bags

At Pauls Boutique, elegance is key. In the 90’s, Paul Slade emerged himself into the world of music and fashion when he started to design T-shirts. His style was inspired by the streets of London and was so eccentric that he did not go unnoticed for long. The brand quickly took off and was extended to include bags and handbags, which ultimately became the brand’s secret weapon

The bag collection by Pauls Boutique

The bags by Pauls Boutique are flashy, trendy and stylish. The bags are produced in both solid colours and surprising prints. The bags are eccentric and finished with zippers and buckles. Whether you prefer a trendy handbag, backpack, clutch or hip sack, Pauls Boutique has it all!

Order your Pauls Boutique bag online

Whether you choose a solid colour or a funky print, order your favourite Pauls Boutique bag online at The Little Green Bag. We will process your order immediately to ensure you will be able to enjoy your new bag as soon as possible!

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