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Ucon Acrobatics bags

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Ucon Acrobatics bags

Ucon Acrobatics bags are true lifestyle bags. Ucon Acrobatics is a German brand where creativity, quality, innovation and ethics are most important. All bags are unisex, minimalistic and stylish. Ucon Acrobatics is a pro at designing backpacks but the collection is also filled with beautiful hip sacks and handbags.

The Ucon Acrobatics bags are available in different series which all have their own unique characteristics.

Lotus Series

The Lotus Series was inspired by nature. The exterior is made from a rubber, phthalate-free PU. The interior of these bags is made with the softest fleece materials so your personal belongings are always safe, secure and protected against scratches or dents. The collection has a matt finish with a modern look and feel.

Stealth Series

The Stealth Series was designed to keep all your valuables safe and secure. This series is made from ecologically recycled PET with a waterproof TPE coating on the inside. The collection is very sleek and simple. Perfect for the minimalists.

Seal Series

The Seal Series consists of bags that are perfect for cyclists, hikers or nature-lovers. These bags are sustainable and waterproof. The perfect way yo combine functionality and a sleek modern design.

Original Series

The Original Series is made from a recycled source. The canvas bag is perfect to take with you on a daily basis as it was finished with a environmentally-friendly dirtrepelling and waterrepelling coating.

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