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Leggings were arguably one of the most brilliant inventions ever. Aside from being extremely comfortable, this fashion-forward piece allows you to create an infinite number of looks! Leggings can be worn during the year, and the feet and ankles can be shown anytime you choose.

In the summer, pair a legging with a cute ballerina or a casual sandal, and in the winter, pair it with a tough biker boot. Choose rough, leather leggings or leggings with a chic pattern to keep it plain. There are no limits on what you can do.

A sporty outfit isn't full without a pair of stylish leggings. Wear it to your yoga class or during your workout with a nice pair of leggings.

The Little Green Bag has a wide selection of fashionable leggings from top brands like Spanx and Organic Basics. In short, the legging is and will continue to be an absolute must-have if you're looking for a handy fashion item to add to your arsenal, a nice easy to use as the base of your ensemble, or simply a nice pair of exercise trousers.

Leggings from Spanx

When you're wearing Spanx leggings, you know you're in good hands. Spanx leggings are made to be comfortable and stylish, with a fit that is ideal for all body sizes. The Spanx range has everything for everybody, from comfortable stretch leggings to slimming leggings and leather leggings.

Leggings from Organic Basics

Organic Basics prioritizes recycling because it only uses eco sustainable fabrics and collaborates with factories that are conscious of their effect on the environment.

The Organic Basics leggings are made from recycled nylon and have a beautiful minimalistic design. Polygenic has been used to keep the sweat-wicking leggings looking fresh even longer.

Order your favourite leggings online now!

Have you discovered the perfect pair of leggings? The Little Green Bag also has the right pair of leggings, whether they're activewear leggings or stylish leather leggings. Order your dream piece online and take advantage of all the benefits. In just a few mouse clicks, you'll be the proud owner of your new purchase. We'll get straight to that so you can get your item as soon as possible.