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Women Stockings

Women Stockings

Women Stockings

For the summer and winter seasons, stockings are a must-have piece. Stockings come in a variety of materials and styles, including denim, extra coat, invisible in (open) shoes, seam-free, anti-transparent, just for the toe, and sports-specific varieties. Oroblu is a stocking brand with a diverse range of products. Quality, elegance, and style are all associated with Oroblù. Continuous and rigorous research, tremendous technical know-how, and associated advancements in product development have always been the most important brand values for Oroblù. Oroblù's innovative nature means that it continues to bring new products to the market, many of which have become instant classics.

Different types of denier

If you want to add a feminine touch to your wardrobe? The 20 denier Bas Riga Kous is a lovely and polished choice. It's a beautiful transparent satin-shined stay-up stocking. A blend of 78 percent polyamide and 22 percent lycra makes up the stocking. The toe part of the tights is often reinforced, reducing the risk of ladders.

Oroblu's Bas Chic Up Stockings are also common. The idea is to create a traditional stocking with a classic twist. The fabric in the stocking is made up of 86% polyamide and 14% lycra. The 15 denier transparent stocking is finished with a beautiful satin polish and a luxurious lace trim. The stockings are available in two colors: suntouch and charcoal.

The Oroblù products come in a white box with a golden mark and a black and white product portrait. The feminine nature of the products is highlighted by the drop-shaped opening.

Order your stockings online

Have you used our online shop to purchase your new stockings? Then, before they sell out, put your order as soon as possible. Of course, you want to walk around in your favorite stockings this winter and summer. We'll get straight to work on your order so you can get your next must-have as soon as possible.