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Havaianas have an enormous influence on the world. These happy flip flops contain the ultimate combination of simplicity and style. Feet can tell you a lot about a person. But perhaps they tell the most about Brazilians. It is told that they have the most happy feet in the world. Havaianas took this as an oppurtunity to put the Brazilian flag on the flip flops, in every design. Havaianas dives into the universe of colours and fun. The flip flops are the perfect partner for your feet. Casual, loving life and happiness all apply to Havaianas.

Havaianas flip flops for all feet

It all started in 1962, when the first Havaianas flip flop was produced. It was based on the Japanese Zori. That is why the Havaianas have a rice pattern notched in the footbed. By now, many years later, the collection has been extensified and there is plenty to choose from. Even for the kids and babies.

Havaianas is the most luxurious flip flop brand. The flip flops and sandals will probably never disappear from the Brazilian streetlife. Even the elite walks around on these comfortable flip flops.

Happy feet in happy flip flops

As soon as you put your foot in a Havaianas flip flop, you can imagine yourself on Brazilian soil. No passport needed! At Havaianas, they believe in energy. Bright colours bring out the happiness, good vibes and freedom. The colours melt together as one, in the stylish flip flops. Comfort and simplicity are very important to the brand. The flip flops are mostly unisex, which makes them accessible to men, women, children and every wallet. This makes it more fun to walk on your flip flops.

The comfort of the flip flops is unknown. Havaianas is not just another pair of flip flops. They are authentic, simple, comfortable and vivid. That's the exact reason why the flip flops are always surprising. Whether you go to the beach or just wear them with your every day style because they are just that comfortable, or even on the warmest day to school or work.

To make a long story short: Havaianas are available to everyone. And once you try them, you are hooked.

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