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Home accessories

Have you ever noticed that some smells just linger? The smell of the Indian dish you cooked, the smell of your dog that just went running through the rain, the smell of gas for your car. The best way to have your home smell fresh again is the use of an interior perfume. The Little Green Bag now sells the most amazing items for your home to have it smell fresh and clean again. Pick your favourite smell and find the love for your home with some of our amazing items. A wonderful airy and fresh fragrance that makes even the most unpleasant smells disappear.

Good atmosphere

Turn your house into a home with some of our amazing home accessories. You can now order the cutest pillow cases, baskets, doormats and shower essentials by some of our most popular brands to make your home cosy and comfortable. Add that little bit of extra flair to your home with some amazing accessories by Zusss and DOIY. Your friends and family will complement your amazing style and you will feel amazing when they do. 

Healthy lifestyle

Stay healthy in your own home and pick up a new hobby. Why not try yoga? We did and we love it! At The Little Green Bag we now offer the most amazing, durable yoga mats by DOIY to make sure that you will be able to follow that new yoga class from the comforts of your own home.

Gift that keeps on giving

Not only are home accessories the best items for you, they are perfect to gift as a present to a friend or family member. Give a candle or some shower cream to your best friend to show her that you care, or give your mother a new make-up bag because you know that hers is all worn out. It’s the thought that counts.

Order your home accessories online

Did you find the perfect accessories to turn your house into a home? Order it now at The Little Green Bag to ensure that you will have it in your possession as soon as possible. If you order before 12.00, you will be able to enjoy our same day shipping service. Perfect to make sure you get your new items as soon as possible.