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Ballerinas are a well-known concept not only in the field of dance, but also in the world of women's wear. The word comes from Italy and means "dancer." The slip shoe style resembles pointe flats, which are widely used in ballet.

These fashionable shoes are now worn not only for dancing but also for recreation. They are a common style among women of all ages, and it is difficult to picture women's footwear without them. This is attributed to more than just their high wearing warmth and lightness. Ballerinas can also be combined in a variety of ways and they come in a variety of colors and textures.

It's particularly lovely when the ballerinas' color is echoed in the rest of the outfit. The Little Green Bag carries a huge array of Fred de la Bretoniere ballerinas. Take a peek at our bag line as well. Perhaps you'll find the perfect bag to complete your ensemble.

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