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Strap Silver Colored 18 mm

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Watch straps

When the types of materials and colours that can be blended into the different straps on your watch change, so do the patterns. Interchangeable watch straps have the bonus of allowing you to adapt them to your own specific style or a particular outfit.

As a result, they can dress up or down for a night out, a workday, or a business meeting. Anything is possible! You have the power to adjust the appearance of your wrist at any time. Of course, we at The Little Green Bag will be happy to help!

Buy cheap watch straps

Watch straps in two sizes are available from The Little Green Bag: 18 mm and 16 mm. Colors can be mixed and matched indefinitely, and The Little Green Bag will still have the appropriate straps in a range of colors. Chocolate brown, metallic, dark grey, ivory, blue, dark violet, gold plated, and a host of other colors are all possibilities.

Wrist straps from Komono are often fashionable and elegant. KOMONO is a vibrant watch brand that adds a burst of color to an otherwise gray world. Every season, KOMONO stays on top of the latest trends, delivering the most sophisticated, chic, and, most importantly, practical accessories. The watches combine vibrant colors, elegant compositions, and versatility in a seamless way.

With its retro-futuristic accessories, the world of KOMONO can awaken all of the senses. There are no restrictions, rules, or goals in the world of KOMONO; anything is feasible and allowed.

The KOMONO Strap Silver Coloured Mesh 16 mm is a trendy watch strap that you can wear for your KOMONO watch.

You can easily update the look of your favorite watch with this strap! The silver stainless steel mesh band is 16 mm wide and has a silver color. The mesh belts can also be modified with a fast click unit. Remember the size of your watch while ordering a watch brace. 20 mm straps are also available.

KOMONO is still rediscovering itself, and this is a never-ending fantasy. KOMONO is a cheerful, curious, and well-traveled character. If you dare to venture outside the box, join us at The Little Green Bag.

Mix and match watch straps from Cluse

Cluse watches are currently trendy, and their interchangeable bands allow them to be worn with any modern ensemble. CLUSE's extensive collection includes a variety of fashionable and inspiring watches with metal and other types of watch bands in a variety of sizes and colors.

The leather watch straps are available in gold, silver, and rose gold and are made of leather or mesh. The fast click approach allows for quick adjustment of the belts. This approach helps you to create a range of looks.

Cluse's latest series helps you to quickly and effortlessly create a unique look! You can mix and match your favorite colors and textures thanks to the flexible straps.

There is enough for everybody thanks to the brand's versatility. You will easily create your own personal style at CLUSE. The watch bands are easy to alter. Each series has its own collection of straps, which can be made of leather or stainless steel.

Keep a close eye on the assortment around Cluse for promotions and limited-edition versions.

Order your watch straps online

Have you found a watch strap that you just adore in our online store? Then put an order for your favorite online. In just a few mouse clicks, you'll be the proud owner of your new purchase and enjoy all of the rewards.